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Troy Peterson

2 Weeks with Google Chrome

Most people are creatures of habit. ¬†Just look at almost any Analytics report now days and you’ll still see that around 20% of most “average” web visitors still use Internet Explorer 6… a browser that was released in 2001 and is EXTREMELY out of date.

So, in an effort to change some of my own habits and try something new, I decided to try setting my default browser from Internet Explorer 8 to Google Chrome.

The following paragraphs are a few of my observations on the browser and how well it performs in everyday environments.


Mr. Internet… Please Kill IE6

Bring Down IE6!I really don’t know who mr. Internet is… or if there really is such a thing. I tend to think of him (at least in my mind) as the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

But, unlike the Wiz’, I’m not asking him for a heart, for courage, or for a brain… I’m asking him to kill, murder, all around X-Out Internet Explorer 6.

It was born in 2001, lived a good live… but it has since been replaced by Internet Explorer 7 and 8.¬† So, it’s time to put it to pasture or… frankly, just put a bullet in it’s source code and be over with it.