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Troy Peterson

New Weekend Project – SimpleIPaddress .com

Hello, My IP Address is

UPDATE:  I recently changed the site from SimpleIPAddress.com to ipNotebook.net  Click here for more info

Completed a new weekend project… www.simpleipaddress.com

If you’re like me and use a cable internet service, your IP address changes on a regular basis… when the power goes out, you disconnect your modem to reset it, or whenever your ISP feels like changing it.

As a web developer, I need to know this on a regular basis for access to different services and networks.  While there are different services available online that offer this type of service, I wanted to create one of my own with a minimal design.

The “hello” sticker was created from scratch in Photoshop using a free paper texture from PSDtuts+ and a little trial and error.

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Improve RSS and Email Followers

noSubscribeRSS and Email subscriptions are great ways to improve the traffic and brand recognition of your web site or blog.  However, few site owners know of a simple UI tweak that can make a HUGE difference in your subscription rates.

Simply change “Subscribe” to “Get Updates


The Internet Manifesto… A Must Read for ANY Journalist

This has been stirring up some controversy lately in and around the journalism field over the past few days.

The Internet Manifesto – How journalism works today. Seventeen declarations.

What originally started as small declaration by a few German bloggers has recently been translated into English and several other languages and has quickly turned into the front line of the fight between “traditional” journalism and the web.

Since I work in both the print and the web side of this issue, it’s interesting to see how these declarations play out from both perspectives.


Amazon gets into the URL shorten biz with amzn.com

a_com_logo_rgbHere’s a nice little tid-bit I found today… Amazon.com has (unofficially) launched a URL shortening service for it’s products.

This really doesn’t come as a huge suprise, considering Jeff Bezos has invested in Twitter and the huge explosion in Twitter’s popularity lately, it only make sense that they would harness this power to integrate with their services.

How it Works:

First, find the product ID of the item you’d like to distribute… in this case, let’s use Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader: B00154JDAI then simply add it to the url http://amzn.com/ like this http://amzn.com/B00154JDAI

This link will bring you directly to to the product’s page on Amazon. 

How Will This Be Integrated?

So, the big question will be, how will they integrate this into their service and interface.  Secondly, how will they integrate this with their affiliate program?

I anticipate two different types of URL short codes will develop… one for the public facing site (as seen above) and a second that will automatically create an additional code for the associate id.  However, with so many associates out there, it will add additional length to the overall URL… but, it sure beats the old ones:


Let the Clone Wars Begin!

With many of Amazon’s features, this will surely be adopted by many other retailers out there, offering shortened URL’s to provide quick and easy access to other sites.  Hmm… maybe it’s time I invested in a URL shortening service.

1 Second Ad = Hours of Free Publicity

1 Second AdAs I’m watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the second guest tonight is the lead actor in a 1 second SuperBowl commercial for Miller High Life. I had heard about this on CNN, Yahoo! News, and a few other news feeds I subscribe to and really haven’t given it much thought until now. 

However, as I’m watching this, I’m starting to realize that this is actually a genius piece of marketing by Saatchi & Saatchi of New York.

Think about it… they may have only bought a one second spot during the Superbowl, but they’re getting a ridiculous amount of publicity… simply because it’s different. 

After all, this guy isn’t on the tonight show because he delivered a brilliant piece of acting in less than a second.  He’s there because the advertising is new, creative, and therefore causing a buzz.

What will be interesting to watch is if this trend will be copied by thousands of other B-list marketing agencies out there.  Will this lead to more 1 second advertising spots for other products?  Will this become another “Got Milk” campaign?


To all those out there looking to copy this… a little word of advice.  This only works the first time.

Below is a video compilation of various 1 second ads they tried or will try.