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Troy Peterson

ipNotebook.net – View and store your public IP Address

I’m proud to announce the new launch of the site ipNotebook.net.

IP Notebook is a simple site that allows you to quickly find your current IP Address and also store it for later reference.

In addition, we’ve also launched a new Google Chrome Webstore app, to easily access the site from your browser.  Install it here.

Here’s the schpeel:

If you’re using a VPN or are required to provide your public IP address to access networks, databases, or applications, the ability to find and provide your current IP address is essential.  However, in today’s world, it’s not uncommon to access the web from multiple locations: The office, home, or the local coffee shop. 

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking your workflow because of a missing IP address.  So, We created ipNotebook as a solution to this problem by giving you the ability to find your IP address and save it for later reference.


  • Ability to find your IP address without saving it to system.
  • Save your current IP address by authenticating with your existing Google Account.
  • Name your IP address for easy reference. 
  • View the last date accessed.
  • View the number of times you’ve accessed an IP address.
  • Remove an IP address from your system. 


A Pet Airline… or an April Fools Joke?

So, It’s 5:00 and I’m browsing blogs and news for the afternoon and I came across this little post on TechCrunch… About a new service called PetAirways.com.

Essentially, it’s an airline dedicated solely for shipping pets around the country.

At first, I wouldn’t believe this, but then again… there’s pet daycares, pet hotels, and even pet spas, so this isn’t too far out of the question for someone to actually invest in.


Bespin: A Cloud Based HTML Editor Even Lando Would Use.

bespinlogoOk, so I apologize for the uber-geek star wars reference in the title… but, i couldn’t pass it up… And for those of you who aren’t Star Wars geeks, Bespin is the name of the Cloud City from Star Wars Episode 5.

Bespin is an experimental online Code Editor by Mozilla Labs. 

I had a chance to login and check out the service for a few minutes today and it has some promise.  Even though this is just a technology preview and not a full production tool, it has some interesting capabilities.

Working with a few of the sample files included in the preview, it has many of the standard features you would find on a basic code editor… code highlighting, code repository, view files in a browser, etc.

It also includes an interesting command line option below the editing screen.  This provides you with a quick access to a few common functions.  So, instead of crowding a screen with hundreds of buttons, you have access to them through a command line.

As I was playing around with it, I tried to find the option to upload a single page, but it does allow you to load a project .zip or .gz file.

As a freelance developer, having the tools available to quickly modify a file online and on the fly is a great advantage.

It’s going to be interesting to see this grow and if it becomes a viable product in the future. 

A Revenue Model (or two) for Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past year or so, you’ve probably realized that Twitter has been one of the biggest influences on web culture in years.  It’s changed the way we communicate, how we think scaling applications, and launched countless startups based on it’s api.

Now, there have been countless blog posts, articles, and essays on this subject, so I’m obviously not breaking any ground here.  But, I thought it would be interesting to put my own two cents into the mix and propose a revenue model of my own.

Build Now, Pay Later

One thing Twitter hasn’t been able to nail down (at least publicly) is a revenue model.   They’re the poster-child of the web 2.0 “build now, monetize later” strategy so typical of startups in the past few years.  But, in today’s economy, this simply won’t fly.

To be honest, I never understood this approach to application development.  Now, I do understand the whole “design for design’s sake” mentality. However, if you’re going to take it beyond something that you can enjoy with friends or family, there has to be something supporting it.

Vertical Discussion

With the election only a few months ago, one of the most fascinating and extremely addictive I visited (on a daily basis) was Election.twitter.com.  This site provided me with something I couldn’t find anywhere else on the web; instant feedback on debates, polling results, commercials… really anything in or around the election.

Now, what if they took this same approach and applied it to other events or industries?

The 30k ft view here is to create communities or discussion groups around a specific topic or industry that provides like minded users to discuss their passion in real time.

As a case study, let’s look at Professional sports – and more specifically… the upcoming Superbowl.

 Here we have an opportunity to provide enthusiasts a way to instantly communicate in real time, as the event is happening.  Now, all those arm chair coaches and referees have an opportunity to voice their opinions to something other than the TV or their friends and family.

The revenue opportunity here could be from sponsored pages, in-stream advertising (sponsored tweets), or market research.


CPC Text Ads have become an extremely effective advertising vehicles.  After all, Google has built an empire out of those simple, unobtrusive, yet targeted text ads in search results.  Why not take this same approach and apply it to sponsored tweets?

Now, this is obviously a very sensitive area to croach in on, and if it’s not done right, it can do more bad than good. 

The ads would need to be easily identifiable as advertising and few enough to not impede on the user experience.

Since they’re text ads, it would provide an excellent opportunity for an automated system, similar to Adsense, where advertisers could quickly and easily create, purchase, and manage their own ads online.  It would also provide an excellent opportunity for a partnership between Google, Yahoo!, or any other well established ad management infrastructures out there.

Final Words

With the current economic situation, I think 2009 will see some sort of revenue stream come to Twitter.  They’ve obviously been planning something, but I think under the current circumstances, their investors will be looking for something sooner than later.

Site Launch… On a Budget

So, you’ve built an awesome web site… you’ve spent hours upon hours designing elements, writing code, and wondering if you’ve made the right decisions. You’re finally done and ready to launch. So, where do you go from here?

Going through this same situation myself, I decided to put together a little launch checklist of free resources and advice to launching your new project on a budget. Most of these resources are free, so the only thing invested will be your time.

If you have any additional sites to add or resources, please feel free to add them in the comments.


Adding your site to directories is the simplest way to get exposure for your site. Now, the directories I have listed below are mainly for web 2.0 applications and web sites, but a few of them do allow general companies.

Discussion forums

Discussion forums may be sooo web 1.0, but they’re still a great place to discuss your site and get feedback from like minded individuals. However, keep in mind that you are basically opening yourself up to ANYTHING… good or bad.

  • www.sitepoint.com – Sitepoint has a great forum to discuss new site launches. The only requirements is to sign up for sitepoint (for free) and you must review three other sites before you can post your own.

Press release

A press release can be a great opportunity to really showcase your business to a wide audience and present it in a very professional manner.
One word of caution… there are a lot of free Press Release companies out there, but most of them can do more harm than good. Sure, they might distribute your information, but most are havens for spammers to hang out… not a good crowd to be associated with. So, this is one place I recommend spending a few dollars to do it right.

  • www.PRunderground.com – PR Underground is a relatively new site press release field, but is quickly catching on in the web crowd. It’s also one of the least expensive routes to take for distributing a new site or product to multiple news sources, for as little as $4.95 per month.

Search Engines

Search engines are still by far one of the most valuable resources to getting your site noticed. There are literally hundreds of niche Search Engines out there, but most of them get their data from the big boys, so don’t waste your time on the others… just submit to these main search engines listed below.

One word of advice, I recommend you DO NOT use one of those “Get your site listed on hundreds of search engines” type of programs or web sites. This will only get you pegged as a spammer from the start. Also, only submit your site once and be patient. Don’t worry… they’ll find you.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Ask Ask doesn’t have a submission form like the others, but here’s some information about getting your site listed here.
  • MSN


If you’re site fills a need or is unique in your market, you may want to consider approaching bloggers to try and get a write up about your site. But, with so many bloggers out there, it’s difficult to narrow down your search.

A great approach to finding the write bloggers to approach is to look go to a few blog directories like the ones listed below. Simply do a search for your market and start from the top ranked blogs in the list and work your way down.

Chances are, most aren’t going to write about your site, especially the top end blogs. However, even some of the lower end blogs can really generate some good traffic.

Social Media

Participating in Social Media sites and organizations can be a good way of driving traffic and gaining exposure of your site. Now, you don’t have to post every day, but just a few here and there can suffice.