When you think of a High Tech Media company,  the name Hallmark doesn’t normally come to mind.

However, this Valentines day, you might just change your toon…

Hallmark will be offering new Web Based Augmented reality greeting cards for Valentines day!

Video of the technology after the jump.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the combination of real world and computer-generated data.

In current technology, it typically relates to overlaying computer imagery or information over live video.

Most common references today are overlaying maps and directions for smart phones like the iPhone 3gs or Google Android phones.

How is this cool?

Well, if the video below doesn’t impress you, chances are you’re not a hardcore geek like me… but, even the non-geekiest amongst us have to go; “Wow… that’s kinda cool.”

Another thing I love about this is the potential for the future.  It combines the best of both worlds.

First, you have the hand sent feel and emotion from the card.  It’s not an eCard that you no longer trust because it’s all-to-often associated with spam and scams.

Second, you’re opening this wide up for customization in the very near future.  The ability to customize the message the characters are saying is very, very cool.

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