This has been stirring up some controversy lately in and around the journalism field over the past few days.

The Internet Manifesto – How journalism works today. Seventeen declarations.

What originally started as small declaration by a few German bloggers has recently been translated into English and several other languages and has quickly turned into the front line of the fight between “traditional” journalism and the web.

Since I work in both the print and the web side of this issue, it’s interesting to see how these declarations play out from both perspectives.

An Interesting Time

When I first started working in the publishing and internet industry, it was the tail end of the Web 1.0 era.  Major publishing industries were just starting to feel their way through this new world.

To this day, many publishers (especially larger ones) still have a “wait and see” attitude towards digital delivery of content or saw the web as a value-add to print instead of a main channel.

Unfortunately, this lack of foresight will probably be the death of them… at least in their current form.