Bring Down IE6!I really don’t know who mr. Internet is… or if there really is such a thing. I tend to think of him (at least in my mind) as the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

But, unlike the Wiz’, I’m not asking him for a heart, for courage, or for a brain… I’m asking him to kill, murder, all around X-Out Internet Explorer 6.

It was born in 2001, lived a good live… but it has since been replaced by Internet Explorer 7 and 8.  So, it’s time to put it to pasture or… frankly, just put a bullet in it’s source code and be over with it.

What is Wrong with IE6?

1. It’s old
The internet and software development move at lightning speeds.  Every year there are new technologies, techniques, and trends that emerge and require at least a relatively modern browser.  Internet Explorer 6 was developed in 2001.  In internet terms, that’s ancient.

Since then, Microsoft has release 2 new browsers, Firefox has spread, and both MAC and Google have released browsers.  All of which are modern and can handle anything we present to them.  IE6 Cannot.

2. It’s insecure
This point goes hand in hand with #1.  Because of it’s age, Microsoft is no longer supporting security upgrades to IE6.  So this means that the browser is extremely vulnerable to modern security threats and viruses.

3. It’s not “Standards Compliant”.
Standards Compliance means that the browser will display a piece of code or text the exact same way as every other browser on the market.  This way, Developers like me do not need to create hacks and essentially design two different sites… One for Internet Explorer and One for every other browser on the market.

Enough is Enough…

So, as a Web Citizen and developer, I URGE you to upgrade to a more modern browser.

If you see someone who is on IE6, please… friends don’t let friends browse stupid.  Have them upgrade or join in the fight.  Let’s do this… let’s be rid of IE6 once and for all.

If you own a web site or blog, spread the word… here are a few sites with resources to help: