a_com_logo_rgbHere’s a nice little tid-bit I found today… Amazon.com has (unofficially) launched a URL shortening service for it’s products.

This really doesn’t come as a huge suprise, considering Jeff Bezos has invested in Twitter and the huge explosion in Twitter’s popularity lately, it only make sense that they would harness this power to integrate with their services.

How it Works:

First, find the product ID of the item you’d like to distribute… in this case, let’s use Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader: B00154JDAI then simply add it to the url http://amzn.com/ like this http://amzn.com/B00154JDAI

This link will bring you directly to to the product’s page on Amazon. 

How Will This Be Integrated?

So, the big question will be, how will they integrate this into their service and interface.  Secondly, how will they integrate this with their affiliate program?

I anticipate two different types of URL short codes will develop… one for the public facing site (as seen above) and a second that will automatically create an additional code for the associate id.  However, with so many associates out there, it will add additional length to the overall URL… but, it sure beats the old ones:


Let the Clone Wars Begin!

With many of Amazon’s features, this will surely be adopted by many other retailers out there, offering shortened URL’s to provide quick and easy access to other sites.  Hmm… maybe it’s time I invested in a URL shortening service.