So, It’s 5:00 and I’m browsing blogs and news for the afternoon and I came across this little post on TechCrunch… About a new service called

Essentially, it’s an airline dedicated solely for shipping pets around the country.

At first, I wouldn’t believe this, but then again… there’s pet daycares, pet hotels, and even pet spas, so this isn’t too far out of the question for someone to actually invest in.


The biggest question I have is; How is this different than shipping your pet via FedEx, UPS, or the US Postal service? 

The main difference is that PetAirways would probably hose the poop, urine, and vomit off the dog/cat/other animal once you pick them up.  Because let’s face it… once they go through that door, you have no idea who the hell is watching your animal on the other side.

I would hope that if you’re paying a large amount of money – Starting at $150 – to have your pet flown from one city to the next, they would have someone who actually likes animals, unlike the some of the groomers I’ve seen at big box retail pet stores. (I’ve actually confronted one after watching them twist my dogs ears because he wouldn’t sit while she’s trimming his hair)

Granted, this could all be a big April fools joke perpitrated by Google or some other person… However, even with the recent economic issues, there are still people stupid rich enough to actually pay for such a thing.