bespinlogoOk, so I apologize for the uber-geek star wars reference in the title… but, i couldn’t pass it up… And for those of you who aren’t Star Wars geeks, Bespin is the name of the Cloud City from Star Wars Episode 5.

Bespin is an experimental online Code Editor by Mozilla Labs. 

I had a chance to login and check out the service for a few minutes today and it has some promise.  Even though this is just a technology preview and not a full production tool, it has some interesting capabilities.

Working with a few of the sample files included in the preview, it has many of the standard features you would find on a basic code editor… code highlighting, code repository, view files in a browser, etc.

It also includes an interesting command line option below the editing screen.  This provides you with a quick access to a few common functions.  So, instead of crowding a screen with hundreds of buttons, you have access to them through a command line.

As I was playing around with it, I tried to find the option to upload a single page, but it does allow you to load a project .zip or .gz file.

As a freelance developer, having the tools available to quickly modify a file online and on the fly is a great advantage.

It’s going to be interesting to see this grow and if it becomes a viable product in the future.