modest-needsModest Needs is a unique and award winning charity that helps low-income working families afford short term emergencies like unexpected car repairs, high heating bills, or unexpected doctor visits.

Many working families just above the poverty line are just a simple problem away from going under and being caught in a vicious cycle of dept and increased poverty. 

This type of scenario happens every day, especially in an economy such as we’re in right now; A family, living paycheck to paycheck, finds themselves in a problem.  It could be as simple as an abnormally high heating bill. 

Since the paycheck is just enough to pay for the rent and food on the table, they find themselves having to either borrow… or simply not pay the additional cost for heating.  This then turns a simple problem into a vicious cycle of dept, followed by more dept to pay off the original.

That’s where comes in. 

It provides relief for these types of situations so they can stop this cycle before it happens. 

Tough Times for Everyone

With the current financial times, everyone is feeling the pinch.  Good, hard working people who, under normal circumstances, find themselves laid off at work, or their hours and paychecks reduced by their companies to save costs.  Suddenly they find themselves in a situation they may have never dreamed possible… the need for help.

So, if you’re in a position to give… even a small amount, I ask that you do.