bestday_headerAs a kid, one of my favorite past times and best memories came from the beach.  It was always a chance to be in the sun, the surf, and just be wild… just be a kid.  That’s why I’m profiling the – A non-profit organization that provides kids with special needs a day at the beach to surf, body board, and kayak.

What first drew me to this foundation was the name “Best Day”.  It’s one of those phrases every parent loves to hear and as a father, it really resonates with me. By giving to this foundation, you’ll provide a special needs child and family a chance to experience just that… The Best Day EVER!

Anyone who has children or has been around children know the confidence and self esteem it builds to do something they didn’t think was possible before.  So, one of the questions you may ask, is how do they do it? 

bestday-picFirst and foremost, they have highly trained volunteers to assist the children through every step of the way.  Second, they use some rather creative modifications and attachments to surfboards and other items to help children in wheelchairs or with other challenges to safely participate in the activities.

This little known organization is really doing some great things and with a little help from you, they can expand and give even more children the best day ever.