Ok, so it’s just after christmas and after putting together toys, reading books, and playing video games with my girls… it’s time for me to play with one of my new toys… my new Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS.

Now, do I need such a device?  No… not really.  I typically travel from work to home and pretty much know most of the streets around my relatively small town (or at least know how to get ).

But, it fulfills another obsession of mine… information.  I’m an information junkie!  Thanks to my Blackberry, I can email, IM, Tweet, or check the news from anywhere.  I have a weather station at my house to make sure I know exactly how cold it is at my house (-9° F in case you’re wondering).  I have stats setup on this blog so I can find out EXACTLY how many people aren’t reading this post. This now gives me situational awareness at all times.  Again, Do I NEED it? No… but it’s a sickness.

My wife on the other hand… Well, she gets lost in the grocery store (literally) :) 

ps. Love you Hunny!