Browsing through my daily blog reads for the morning, I came across this article from Seth Godin entitled; Is Effort a Myth?.

It’s an interesting little article and one that got me thinking about one of my favorite quotes of all time… “Luck Favors the Prepared” by Edna Mode in the movie The Incredibles.

This little quote has always struck a note with me because so much of our lives seem centered around luck – both good and bad… or at least, that’s the way it seems.  After all, I was lucky enough to be out with my friends that night I met my wife. I was lucky enough to see the ad in the paper that got me my first job in the web.

So, then if everything in our lives are centered around luck, then what’s the point of preparing for anything if life is centered around just dumb luck?

Most successful, self made people will tell you that there was some element of luck in their success.  That there was some event that was the catalyst for their rise to the top.  They happened to be at the right place at the right time, and it just went from there.

How well are prepared to handle a lucky situation is the different between someone who is successful and someone who just got lucky once.