Well Well Well… I logged in to Twitter this afternoon to go on a little rant about the new McCain campaign ads and got a nice little suprise… Twitter updated it’s interface.


Most of the changes in the interface center around the navigation elements, and I have to say they are definately an improvement.  I especially like the Following, Followers, and Updates section on the top right hand side.   Because, if you’re like me… that’s the first thing you look at when you log on.  It’s always a nice little ego boost (or killer) when it changes.

They also added a few back-end performancing enhancements in the form of AJAX additions.  While this isn’t a big improvement, every little addition counts.

Be Different… Like Everyone Else.

In addition to the AJAX and navigation additions, they also included some improved design customizations as well.  Aside from the normal “add your own background images” (which never worked well), they added a few pre-made background designs to help liven up your profile.

Doh!… No Search.

The one thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t integrate their newly acquired search capabilities?  This is the one feature I was looking forward to in an update and you would think it would be pretty simple… just add a form that redirects people to search.twitter.com.

But, at the same time, I do realize that they have a good reason for this… I’m just a little bummed.

Either way, Great job guys! Keep those updates coming!

P.S.  No Screenshot… server is acting wonky.