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Troy Peterson

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

A New promotional Video by my peeps at SwimCreative. :)

ipNotebook.net – View and store your public IP Address

I’m proud to announce the new launch of the site ipNotebook.net.

IP Notebook is a simple site that allows you to quickly find your current IP Address and also store it for later reference.

In addition, we’ve also launched a new Google Chrome Webstore app, to easily access the site from your browser.  Install it here.

Here’s the schpeel:

If you’re using a VPN or are required to provide your public IP address to access networks, databases, or applications, the ability to find and provide your current IP address is essential.  However, in today’s world, it’s not uncommon to access the web from multiple locations: The office, home, or the local coffee shop. 

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking your workflow because of a missing IP address.  So, We created ipNotebook as a solution to this problem by giving you the ability to find your IP address and save it for later reference.


  • Ability to find your IP address without saving it to system.
  • Save your current IP address by authenticating with your existing Google Account.
  • Name your IP address for easy reference. 
  • View the last date accessed.
  • View the number of times you’ve accessed an IP address.
  • Remove an IP address from your system. 


New Weekend Project – SimpleIPaddress .com

Hello, My IP Address is

UPDATE:  I recently changed the site from SimpleIPAddress.com to ipNotebook.net  Click here for more info

Completed a new weekend project… www.simpleipaddress.com

If you’re like me and use a cable internet service, your IP address changes on a regular basis… when the power goes out, you disconnect your modem to reset it, or whenever your ISP feels like changing it.

As a web developer, I need to know this on a regular basis for access to different services and networks.  While there are different services available online that offer this type of service, I wanted to create one of my own with a minimal design.

The “hello” sticker was created from scratch in Photoshop using a free paper texture from PSDtuts+ and a little trial and error.

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Turning Off Autocomplete Using HTML

Autocomplete is a function in most modern browsers (IE 7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) that remembers commonly named entries in previous forms and enters it on new forms.

This can be a handy tool for users so they don’t have to keep entering common information. However, for a developer, it can be an extremely annoying and potentially dangerous feature.


New Augmented Reality Cards for Valentines Day

When you think of a High Tech Media company,  the name Hallmark doesn’t normally come to mind.

However, this Valentines day, you might just change your toon…

Hallmark will be offering new Web Based Augmented reality greeting cards for Valentines day!

Video of the technology after the jump.


The Lie That Will Ultimately Kill Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to an audience at the TechCrunch Crunchie awards about privacy and their descision to automatically make all content open and publicly available by default.

His statement and reasoning is that privacy is no longer a “social norm”.  Essentially that we should assume everything we say and do will be made publicaly available.


This is an all-out lie, plain and simple.

The reasoning for Facebook to open up their content – and actually their users content – to the public is about money and nothing else.


2 Weeks with Google Chrome

Most people are creatures of habit.  Just look at almost any Analytics report now days and you’ll still see that around 20% of most “average” web visitors still use Internet Explorer 6… a browser that was released in 2001 and is EXTREMELY out of date.

So, in an effort to change some of my own habits and try something new, I decided to try setting my default browser from Internet Explorer 8 to Google Chrome.

The following paragraphs are a few of my observations on the browser and how well it performs in everyday environments.


Improve RSS and Email Followers

noSubscribeRSS and Email subscriptions are great ways to improve the traffic and brand recognition of your web site or blog.  However, few site owners know of a simple UI tweak that can make a HUGE difference in your subscription rates.

Simply change “Subscribe” to “Get Updates


Brilliant Move by Twitter: Allowing Big 3 to DataMine

It came to light today that Twitter is in talks with Google and Microsoft (and by default, Yahoo!) that would allow open access to Twitter’s Data feed.

The aparent non-exclusive deal that Twitter is signing would allow the Search Engine Heavyweights to display and monetize twitter results along side of regular search engine results.

This is an absolute brilliant move by Twitter on multiple fronts; Establishing a foothold in the “real time” search realm, monetizing their extremely popular service, and also reducing future possible development costs.


A Win-Win for both sides

As I’ve said before, Twitter’s strength lies in Search and real time data.

Up until now, in order to take advantage of it’s unique position, Twitter would need to develop a very intuititive – and expensive – search algorythm Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! have spent years and billions of dollars developing.

On the other side of that coin, the big three search engines would need to invest an equally large amount of money creating, marketing, and maintaining a service in size and scope to match Twitter.

Now, with this agreement, both sides can take advantage of this new found arena of search… real-time.

A monetization method for Twitter

In addition to the market share Twitter will be receiving from this deal, it also answers the very old question of  Twitter’s monetization strategy. 

This is something that Twitter has been grappling with for a while… how to monetize it’s vast amounts of data and subscriber base WITHOUT alienating it’s users by placing ads within the content.

The monetization of this deal will come two fold:  First, there’s the licensing fee from the search engines which will probably total in the Millions of dollars.  Second, Twitter will more than likely construct a deal that allows them a share of the ad revenue other sites would use to display the service.

So, in a sense, Twitter would be making money off advertising, without having to worry about those pesky ads.

Bing’s Smoke-In-Mirror Growth

In the month’s since Microsoft’s launch of their new search engine Bing.com, much has been said about it’s amazing market share growth.

Some even proclaiming a 10% market grab since it’s launch. However, much of that is smoke in mirrors and not “real” traffic…